Horizontal blinds 16/25 mm

Horizontal blinds is a system of window blinds 16 or 25 mm width slats. Blinds are screwed to the glazing list on the window. Available versions: aluminum with a width of 16 mm and 25 mm, Bamboo (wooden), PVC - 25 mm.

Available in every RAL color and glittered versions.

Mounting location: sash

Mounting: screw

Control: Manual (chain mechanism with locking screwed to the glazing list)

Profile type: steel

Way of keeping the blind on the window: vertical guidance trimmer

Width: 220 cm

Height: 220 cm

Colors: Available in mostly every ral color

Shutter system FIVE + [PLUS]

SYSTEM FIVE + offers aluminum and plastic blinds cassette designed for non-invasive installation on the window. Material blinds with side guides.  Casket flush with the top edge of the sash. Wide range of colors cassettes and side guides (example wood structure).

Mounting location: sash (cassette and side guides)

Mounting: glued

Control: Manual (chain mechanism)

Profile type: aluminum or PVC

Finish Bottom: steel strip

Keeping cloth at the window: The side guides

Width: 155 cm

Height: 235 cm


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